Introducing Japanese Facial Massage

New to the Club Haus Am Brill this Spring, I will be doing two days of Japanese Facial Massage!!!

Dating back to the 15th Century as a way to prolong a youthful appearance,the Japanese Facial Massage combines rhythmic touch and the stimulation of the meridians to purify, hydrate and energize the face.

It’s a natural face-lifting that:

*Repairs and Rejuvenates sagging skin

*Restores skin radiance and elasticity

*Reduces the depth of wrinkles

*Diminishes the effects of stress

*Causes deep relaxation

This massage benefits all types of skin, young and mature, for both men and women. Not recommended in the case of dermatitis, recent wounds , scars, or bruising.

Where : Club Haus Am Brill, Capellen

When : Tuesday, May 7th & Tuesday, June 11th  – between the hours of 10h – 13h30

Price : 65 Euros for a 50 minute massage

To book your massage please telephone the Club Haus Am Brill : 30 00 01




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