Face Yoga : How Time Flies!

As of today, I haven’t written a blog post in almost three months. Apologies.

Somewhere between learning Japanese Facial, Hot Stone and Auto massage (all of which I hope to bring to Face Yoga Luxembourg soon), and planning and hosting my workshops, and re-doing the bedroom myself, and studying for my boating license, and, and, and…. I lost 57 days.

How Time Flies!

One thing I did not neglect is my Face Yoga practice.

OK my morning routine is fairly set-in-stone, and yeah, I get to practice when planning workshop content and experimenting with how to flow the different exercises and movements together, and I don’t drive anywhere without pulling a few faces. But yes, I did hands-free exercises while painting and covering the old floor. And yes, I did exercises using the table top while studying, making sure to keep my chin as lifted as possible.

Even as I am writing this, I’m reminding myself to sit up straight, not frown, relax the face, and to keep the tongue centered on the roof of the mouth. Sounds like a lot to keep in mind, but it’s not really. It can become second nature the more you become aware of how you carry yourself and use your face throughout the day. Face Yoga practice helps you do just that.

Is it really almost Winter?

How Time Flies!

Another thing I haven’t neglected is taking care of my skin. Lower temperatures can strip the skin of up to 25% of it’s moisture. Time to think about using thicker moisturizer. Fortunately my homemade cream is already fairly thick, and coupled with my homemade moisture spray I get a nice protective barrier against the cold. And my homemade lip balms double as under-eye protection.

If I know I’m going to be spending time outdoors, I’ll do more circulation-boosting exercises to warm up the face.

As usual, the end-of-the-year holidays have snuck up on us again. It’s that time of year when were all rushing around, shopping, socializing, travelling, meeting family obligations, stressing, and saying to ourselves we can’t believe it’s almost 2019.

How Time Flies!

Circulation-boosting exercises will also help you to get a rosy glow and add color to the lips. Ready for those holiday photos ! And so many of the Face Yoga poses will help you relax and release tensions from the upper body, neck, head and, of course, the face.

Recently and old friend sent me a photo from when I was about 16-years-old. Sixteen. With a plump face and not a wrinkle on the horizon. Do I regret that face ? Not really. Thanks to Face Yoga I’ve learned to like what I see in the mirror today – maybe even more than when I was a teen!

Still, it was one of those moments when I said to myself, “How Time Flies!”

Wishing you all Peaceful and Happy Festivities.

See you next year.

Workshop : Face Yoga When You Are Not Feeling Well

Where : Club Haus Am Brill, Capellen

When : Saturday January 19th, 10h – 11h30

These Face Yoga exercises can help rid toxins and help relieve congestion and headache. They also lift your mood. Perfect for when you are not feeling well. Come discover what Face Yoga can do.

For more information or to sign up for the workshop contact the Club Haus Am Brill on : 30 00 01

For more information about Face Yoga contact: kim@faceyogaluxembourg.com