Thinning Lips?

Lips loose their fullness with age because of :
🌼A natural decrease in Collagen
🌼Lifestyle habits
🌼Exposure to UV rays
You can Re-train & Re-plump the lips.
👄Lift the corners of the mouth with fingers.
👄Practice pushing air out & vibrating the lips with each breath.
👄Increase the speed gradually to achieve continuous vibration.
👄Keep practicing until you are able to do it hands free.
👄Be patient with yourself. It takes time!😘

Be Cheeky! Get Volume! Tone!

Be Cheeky! Get volume! Tone!
Lifting the cheek muscles plumps the area AND tones the jawline.
Placing the bottom lip over the bottom teeth while lifting the cheek muscles will naturally flatten the upper lip against the upper teeth. The key us to move up the apples of your cheeks, but not strain the jaw or chin.
Then you can stimulate the acupressure points & massage the area with yiur hands.
A quick mouth muscle massage when finished releases the area.
And Breathe! ******************************

Eye Area Gua Sha

Target the Eye-Area with your Gua Sha tool!
A lot of our daily stress reveals itself here, so keeping the lymph and blood circulation flowing is key to brighter eyes & a more relaxed look.
🔆 Go gentle with the strokes. This area is delicate!!!
🔆 Use a cream, oil, serum or hydrating mist so the tool glides more easily.
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