Workshop : Smooth The Forehead Naturally

13/O3 Online Zoom Session

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20/03 Online Zoom session in association with the Club Haus Am Brill, Capellen

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Get rid of expression lines naturally and fight droopy eyes with this relaxing toning & smoothing routine.
** Prevent & decrease forehead lines & wrinkles.
** Get rid of tensions that deepen these wrinkles.
** Minimize the impact the forehead muscles & gravity have on the eye-area.



Face Yoga & Gua Sha Workshops November 2020

07/11 Zoom Workshop in English
14/11 Atelier Zoom en français
21/11 In-person Workshop, Club Haus Am Brill, Capellen

Gua Sha practice is rooted in Chinese Medecine. Using a Gua Sha tool lightly on the face helps release the muscles, boost circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage.
Some immediate effects include :
Glowing skin
Rosy cheeks
An immediate lift
A more relaxed look
An overall sense of well-being
This workshop will teach how to do a Facial Gua Sha Massage and include some facial exercise.
If you do not have a Gua Sha tool, you can use a Chinese soup spoon or a large metal soup spoon. Gua Sha tools will be provided at the Club Haus Workshop. Places are limited to 8 participants at the Club Haus

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La pratique du Gua Sha est enracinée dans la médecine chinoise. L’utilisation d’un outil Gua Sha légèrement sur le visage aide à libérer les muscles, à stimuler la circulation et à favoriser le drainage lymphatique.
Certains effets immédiats comprennent:
Peau brillante
Joues roses
Un lift immédiat
Un look plus décontracté
Un sentiment général de bien-être
Cet atelier enseignera comment faire un massage facial Gua Sha et comprendra des exercices du visage.
Si vous n’avez pas d’outil Gua Sha, vous pouvez utiliser une cuillère à soupe chinoise ou une grande cuillère à soupe en métal.

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** L’heure des cours est CET (heure d’Europe centrale)

Thinning Lips?

Lips loose their fullness with age because of :
🌼A natural decrease in Collagen
🌼Lifestyle habits
🌼Exposure to UV rays
You can Re-train & Re-plump the lips.
👄Lift the corners of the mouth with fingers.
👄Practice pushing air out & vibrating the lips with each breath.
👄Increase the speed gradually to achieve continuous vibration.
👄Keep practicing until you are able to do it hands free.
👄Be patient with yourself. It takes time!😘

Be Cheeky! Get Volume! Tone!

Be Cheeky! Get volume! Tone!
Lifting the cheek muscles plumps the area AND tones the jawline.
Placing the bottom lip over the bottom teeth while lifting the cheek muscles will naturally flatten the upper lip against the upper teeth. The key us to move up the apples of your cheeks, but not strain the jaw or chin.
Then you can stimulate the acupressure points & massage the area with yiur hands.
A quick mouth muscle massage when finished releases the area.
And Breathe! ******************************