Warm Up – with Scalene Stretches

Scalene Stretches not only warm up the neck. They increase blood flow to the head & brain, and connect the spine & ribs to the lungs for better respiration.
Make them part of your Warm-ups and Cool-downs.
⚠️ Do them SLOWLY. (My video is sped-up for times sake.)
⚠️ Only go as far as to find a COMFORTABLE STRETCH.
⚠️ Always protect the neck when doing any exercise.

Relax the face with Gua Sha

Gua Sha is all about stimulating the lymphatic flow & promoting circulation. I love how these easy-to-hold, mushroomed-shaped tools fit into the contours of the face & how they glide across the skin.

Concentrate on one area, or the entire face & neck always working towards the lymph odes.Don’t be afraid to play around with them. Find what feels good.
Don’t forget to lubricate the face!

Smooth, Plump & Color The Lips

For smoother, plumper, rosier lips grab a Gua Sha tool.
By regularly bringing circulation to the lip area, we help preserve or bring back natural volume, diminish lines, hydrate & add color. These effects can become more permanent over time.
💋 Lips are delicate. BE GENTLE.
💋 Use small strokes along the outer edges.
💋 5 – 10 sweeps are enough.
💋 **DO NOT OVER-STIMULATE. Once a day is enough.
💋 ***NOT RECOMMENDED if we have Botox or fillers, or if we are prone to cold sores.