2017 Advent Calendar December 8 – 14

Are you practicing everyday? Remember. You don’t have to sit down and do a routine. Repeat a pose three times whenever you get the chance. A few minutes per day can add up to great results.

For more variety, here are the videos from the Advent Calendar that were originally posted on Facebook between December 8th  – December 14th.


For a boost in circulation! Feel the stretch from the eyes upward and the mouth downward. Everything else is relaxed.


Do this pose sitting, standing, at a desk, or lying down to instantly relax the forehead and give your eyes a rest.


Let’s prevent & diminish crow’s feet and strengthen the eye area. Remember we we’re contracting the muscle, NOT wrinkling the skin. Visualize and practice in front of a mirror.


Are you concerned about sagging jowls? Try this!


One quick & easy movement to wake up 3 areas – mouth, neck & jawline.


Upper body tension = Lines on the face. If you sit at a desk all day, or for any time your neck feels a little tight, try this pose to release tension in the neck & upper back.


This video puts this week’s poses together in a mini-routine. You can mix & match the poses to fit your needs.

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