2017 Advent Calendar December 1 – 7

Face Yoga Luxembourg  wants you to Stay Motivated All Year Long!

Here are the videos for the Advent Calendar posted on Facebook between December 1st and December 7th.

December 1

Wow! This pose will jump start your Circulation and wake up the entire face.

December 2

Let’s move that Circulation up into the head & scalp.

December 3

Want to reduce & prevent Under-Eye Bags? Practice this small, subtle movement to get big results.

December 4

Stretch & Volumize the cheek  with this easy move. Remember to come out of the pose SLOWLY, so as not to put unnecessary strain on the neck!

December 5

Saggy Neck? This exercise tones & strengthens the throat area. Feel the stretch! Once again, come out of the pose SLOWLY!

December 6

Mindful Breathing = Better Looking Skin & More energy.

December 7

This video puts the previous poses together in a mini-routine. You can mix & match the poses to fit your needs.

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