2017 Advent Calendar December 15 – 25

Releasing tension is key to reducing forehead lines. this move also helps improve concentration, relieve headache pain and relax the eyes.


Be gentle when massaging the eye area. A light touch will actually reach all three layers of the skin. Moisturize if you need to.

Let’s wake up the cheeks with these easy moves.

Anything we can do to improve circulation naturally aids in collagen and elastin production.

Tone, define & release tension from the jaw area.

Exercising & relaxing the large muscles that run from the sides of the jaw downward will help to combat Turkey Neck.

Pamper yourself with this quick, all-over face massage.

Tapping, anywhere on the face and body, has an immediate, calming effect.

Get an instant blush and increase collagen & elastin production.

Get your lips ready to be kissed.

Celebrate yourself all year long with this Holiday message from Face Yoga Luxembourg.

2017 Advent Calendar December 8 – 14

Are you practicing everyday? Remember. You don’t have to sit down and do a routine. Repeat a pose three times whenever you get the chance. A few minutes per day can add up to great results.

For more variety, here are the videos from the Advent Calendar that were originally posted on Facebook between December 8th  – December 14th.


For a boost in circulation! Feel the stretch from the eyes upward and the mouth downward. Everything else is relaxed.


Do this pose sitting, standing, at a desk, or lying down to instantly relax the forehead and give your eyes a rest.


Let’s prevent & diminish crow’s feet and strengthen the eye area. Remember we we’re contracting the muscle, NOT wrinkling the skin. Visualize and practice in front of a mirror.


Are you concerned about sagging jowls? Try this!


One quick & easy movement to wake up 3 areas – mouth, neck & jawline.


Upper body tension = Lines on the face. If you sit at a desk all day, or for any time your neck feels a little tight, try this pose to release tension in the neck & upper back.


This video puts this week’s poses together in a mini-routine. You can mix & match the poses to fit your needs.

2017 Advent Calendar December 1 – 7

Face Yoga Luxembourg  wants you to Stay Motivated All Year Long!

Here are the videos for the Advent Calendar posted on Facebook between December 1st and December 7th.

December 1

Wow! This pose will jump start your Circulation and wake up the entire face.

December 2

Let’s move that Circulation up into the head & scalp.

December 3

Want to reduce & prevent Under-Eye Bags? Practice this small, subtle movement to get big results.

December 4

Stretch & Volumize the cheek  with this easy move. Remember to come out of the pose SLOWLY, so as not to put unnecessary strain on the neck!

December 5

Saggy Neck? This exercise tones & strengthens the throat area. Feel the stretch! Once again, come out of the pose SLOWLY!

December 6

Mindful Breathing = Better Looking Skin & More energy.

December 7

This video puts the previous poses together in a mini-routine. You can mix & match the poses to fit your needs.